Glass sculptures have been used as a form of artistic expression for centuries. From grandiose chandeliers to delicate glass pieces, the craftsmanship behind them has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in this art form.

One modern artist who is continuing that long-standing tradition is glass sculptor Martin Janecky. Through his careful handling of hot molten glass and other foundational techniques, Janecky is able to craft some truly beautiful and intriguing pieces.

Janecky starts each sculpture with a bubble of heated glass. He then quickly and carefully shapes the material with forming tools, blending traditional hand-pulling with sculptural techniques. In doing so, Janecky is able to create seemingly gravity-defying pieces in which a single bubble is divided into several parts, limbs appear to lengthen and curl in on themselves, and arcs expand across the surface.

In addition to creating these stunningly intricate sculptures, Janecky also teaches his craft to students from around the world. His classes are highly sought after and feature both live demonstrations and hands-on exercises. By providing these teaching opportunities, he hopes to ensure the survival of his art form.

As Janecky’s work proves, there is still plenty of room for innovation in the world of glass sculpture. It will be exciting to see what new designs he comes up with next!

Martin Janecky is an artist creating beautiful glass sculptures by shaping hot glass bubbles. The process, which he refers to as “hot sculpting”, begins with taking a bubble of molten glass from a furnace. Janecky then works the material, using various tools and techniques to create the desired shape.

This technique has been applied for centuries in the creation of art, from Venetian blown glass to precision scientific instruments. Janecky’s process is unique in that rather than forming the bubble in the traditional manner of blowing it, he shapes and works the molten glass while it is still in its relatively formless state. Doing so allows him to achieve intricate detail, subtle curvature, and asymmetrical forms not possible with traditional forming methods.

The result is a collection of mesmerizing sculptures ranging from small vessels to larger figurative pieces. His inspirations include art, nature and history. Alongside his sculptures, Janecky creates intricate lighting fixtures by attaching light bulbs to the inside of large hand-blown vessels. His work has been exhibited at galleries across Europe and the United States.

Martin Janecky’s work demonstrates both an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and an eye for innovation. By using glass as his media and pushing the limits of molten material manipulation, he creates beautiful works of art that are sure to inspire admiration in contemporary audiences.

Glass artist Martin Janecky has been utilizing a unique technique to create beautiful, intricate glass sculptures that mesmerize viewers from around the world. By heating glass until it is malleable and taking the form of a bubble, Janecky is able to skillfully shape these glowing orbs into captivating works of art.

Having specialized in art forms such as paper cuts, mosaics and stained glass, Janecky’s artwork can be found in galleries from his native Slovakia to all corners of the globe. It wasn’t until 2014 however, when the artist attended a glassblowing workshop, did he find his true passion and purpose. His introduction to this exciting technique fueled what was to become his life’s work: crafting stunning sculptures with molten glass.

When asked about his creative process, Janecky says it involves patience and using the right tools. His favorite toolbox can be found at The Glassblowing Art Centre nearby Trencin, Slovakia, where works with the hot glass bubbles in their studio. Here he takes inspiration from nature around him – animals, plants and oceans! After forming these shapes from molten glass – he may heat it up again to give more detail. He often uses stones from his direct environment in the north of Slovakia for his works – bringing some extra charm to every sculpture.

The results are simply breathtaking creations that capture and reflect light like luminescent gems, utilizing vibrant shades of purple, pink, green and blue to create hypnotizing visuals of elegance, grace and sophistication. As for the appropriate home for his artwork? Well that deserves a story on its own! The beauty of these sculptures can be found everywhere from the hands of proud collectors and dazzling art shows around Europe to even being used in film sets of large Hollywood productions.

Martin Janecky has certainly made an unforgettable name for himself by exploring new techniques with molten glass and creating inspiring artworks that spark joy in many who come across them!